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ac·tu·al·i·za'tion (ăk′cho͞o-ə-lĭ-zā′shən′)
     1. The condition of being in full force or operation.
     2. (Self-actualization) The act or process of reaching the
highest possible form of human potential.

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Is your chatbot or LLM secure?

Chatbots are revolutionizing user interfaces. It's now ridiculously easy to create chatbots that can interact with potential clients, search company policies, or even generate programming code. But be careful: even simple chatbots might make costly promises to customers, violate privacy laws, or even advise people to baptize babies in Gatorade.

We are creating the first antivirus scanner for chatbots.

Our solution uses state-of-the-art vulnerability analysis to find all the possible ways your chatbot might be hacked into doing what it's not supposed to, so that you can find those problems before the bad guys (or some unwitting users) do. Our software, TireKicker, is currently in development. Contact us if you want more information, and follow our LinkedIn for updates.

We also offer consulting and red-teaming services for your chatbot and LLM needs. We are AI experts with years of experience testing, developing, and thoroughly evaluating AI systems. We are actively involved in state-of-the-art research, so we know what current technologies can and can't do. Led by Dr. John Licato, a professor of computer science and director of an academic AI research lab, our team will do the research and de-mystify AI for you.

If you're considering using, purchasing, or acquiring an AI product, we can provide you with an in-depth analysis first. Our unbiased and thorough investigation will provide you with a report that pierces beyond the hype and marketing, and gives you an accurate assessment of what you're dealing with. 


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We can help you evaluate:

Does it do what it claims?

The landing page for the AI product sounds good, and the demos are impressive, but does it actually work? Or is it just a shallow wrapper around ChatGPT that will be outdated in a week? We'll rigorously test the AI, or design tests for you to use so you can be sure you're getting what you pay for.

Is it safe?

Those new to AI are often unfamiliar with the fact that generative AI is prone to hallucination, bias, unreliability, inconsistency, and more. There are ways to mitigate all of these, but are they being done? We'll use state-of-the-art jailbreaking techniques to make sure the AI is doing safety and security right.

Are there alternatives?

There are so many AI products being released now, that it can be dizzying trying to figure out which does what. Is there a better option out there? We can do the research and find out, providing you with a thorough report of alternatives and recommendations so you can be sure you're making the right decision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to apply our AI experience to actualize:


Human Reasoning

We have a very close relationship with the Advancing Machine and Human Reasoning (AMHR) Lab at USF (our Founder and Owner is also the founder and director of the AMHR Lab), whose pioneering research has explored the use of AI to make people better reasoners since 2017.

DALL·E 2024-03-23 18.25.04 - An imaginative scene where two professionals, dressed in smar

AI Security

AI is evolving so quickly, that the world of cybersecurity has been unable to keep up. New ways to attack chatbots and LLMs are emerging every single day. How can you keep up when you have so much to do already?

We have the solution. We'll stay up-to-date on the latest in AI cybersecurity and best practices for you, so you can rest easy.

DALL·E 2024-03-23 18.39.03 - A dynamic scene featuring a doctor in a white coat, walking a

Curing AI Anxiety

We believe the best way to encourage AI adoption is to fight the hype and confusion being spread by "AI Influencers". Too many are being dishonest about what current AI can and can't do, making people confused, frustrated, and anxious. Our approach is honesty: we take a serious and honest look at the weak points of AI, so that we can address them.

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Direct connection to state-of-the-art AI

We are set up to commercialize the AI and human cognitive modeling research of the USF AMHR Lab. This means that we are directly connected to the latest advances in the fast-moving field of artificial intelligence, because as researchers we know how it works at a deep level, giving us a sharp competitive advantage. Through AMHR research, we also have expertise in researching AI for the Department of Defense, so much of our work aligns with their mission priorities.


Media Appearances and Talks

GNSI Summit Panel on AI in Industry

Keynote talk for Manatee Chamber of Commerce

Keynote talk for Tech Horizons Summit

AI Bullring: An AI Podcast

Podcast Interview

"Artificial intelligence researchers say regulation is needed": Interview with ABC Action News

Interview on Marketplace Tech (2023)

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You can start by discussing your needs with our chatbot (click the icon on the bottom-right of the screen).

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